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Abrasives Recycling Solutions, for manufactured Products

  1. Brown Fused Alumina.

  2. White Fused Alumina

  3. Silicon Carbide

  4. Steel Abrasive

  5. Grinding Wheels

Natural abrasive products, such a Diamond,Corundum,Garnet,Flint and Emery, are considered on a case by case basis.
**The materials we purchase may be, reclaimed material, Dust Collector Fines, or off-Specification product, or Out-dated Inventory**

Packaging: we prefer material in super sacks. We will consider steel drums and bulk in some special cases.

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Engineered Ceramics

Our focus in on Engineered Ceramics recycling, which are often found in Automotive, Aerospace , Bio-medical and electronics. They differ in composition and properties and vary greatly. We organize them into types, in terms of composition, and created from inorganic oxide material ,non-metallic, solid material. Ceramics are more than dishes, tiles, and pottery; which we do not recycle at this time.
Based on composition they are carbides, Oxides, Nitrides, and sulfides.

A) Alumina(Al203) the most common, produced shapes, range from 80% to 99% alumina.
B)Zirconia(Zr02) are very tough and often found in electronics.
C)Silicon nitride(Si3N4)are relatively hard and often found in cutting tools.
D)Aluminum nitride(ALN) has high thermal conductivity and are commonly used in refractory.
E)Boron nitride(BN)is good for heat and corrosion and is common to cutting tools. Boron carbide(B4C) is like diamonds, often found in cutting tools.
F)Silicon carbide(Sic) is known for its strength, high thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance. They are frequently found in refractories, tiles, pump parts, and heat exchangers.
Please contacts us with your search to find a suitable recycling platforms.

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Secondary Recycled Materials

In the era of Industrial produced by-product materials, having had limited commercial development. We focus is on helping commercial organizations, limit their overreliance on leading sources in the supply chain. Our business offers a much-needed sustainable Secondary Resource Recycling platform to help organizations gain environmentally sound solutions for spent materials Listed below are several materials that our business has secure outlets for recycling:
Ni-Cd batteries
Mill Scale
LMF Slag
Mineral Deposit sites
Silicon Carbide
Red Mud
Fly Ash
Tech Acid
Synthetic Gypsum flue gas waste

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